One of the most challenging baddies from "The Evil Within" killing me for the fifth time!

One of the most challenging baddies from “The Evil Within” killing me for the fifth time!

My favorite franchise out there is Silent Hill. I remember going to the video store with my brothers as a kid and was told to make sure the game I picked was a multiplayer one so everyone could play. Of course I lied and said Silent Hill was and acted surprised to find out it wasn’t after that main menu came up on our Playstation.

The story held my attention as I played as Harry Mason and ran around the fogged streets of Silent Hill, plenty of times unsure of what I was supposed to do next. I remember it not making any sense to me then and I didn’t care. I wanted more and wish I could some more free roaming to discover all the town’s horrors and menacing past.

This led to discovering the Resident Evil series, which was scary, but more combat based. Still, I fell in love with that too.

As many bloggers and gamers like to complain about, the more recent entries in these franchises became more focused on the combat and less on scares. While I believe that to be true, I enjoyed the hell out of them. From Resident Evil 6 with its multiple storylines that intersected and Silent Hill Downpour with some truly nightmarish Otherworld settings, these were games I looked forward to and made me jump despite their setbacks.

When Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami announced he was working on bringing a true survival horror experience back to gaming, I got excited. The Evil Within was presented shortly thereafter and the game arrived on multiple platforms in time for Halloween 2014.

The Evil Within was definitely worth my almost 17 hours of gameplay. The combat and enemies heavily reminded me of Resident Evil 4, which is a good thing as that game is often considered to be one of the most innovative of its kind. There’s plenty of “was that real?” moments that invoke the best WTF moments of the Silent Hill series as you are unsure if Sebastian, our protagonist, is experience some kind of psychotic break or really in some sort of hell.

The plot starts off simple as you play as Sebastian, a police detective who investigates a mass murder, but ends up dealing with what appears to be an unexplainable force and the plot splits up into some crazy directions that wasn’t totally comprehensible for me.

You get the typical arsenal of weaponry, capable of upgrades, that are fun to use. Per the recommendation of a friend, I played in casual (easy) mode and found that to still be pretty difficult. However, the combat was easy to utilize and, upon multiple deaths, discovered many strategies on to accomplish several scenarios.

Our hero isn’t as three dimensional as those of the Silent Hill series, but the game keeps you plenty busy and interested in what’s next. The Evil Within consists of 15 chapters and there were a few in the middle that made the game feel repetitive as you were simply just fighting off the same opponents in different settings. However, when chapter 9 hit, the horror and scares came back with a vengeance and my heart was back on track.

My final tally

My final tally

Overall, I am satisfied with my purchase and definitely in the right direction for horror gaming. Can’t wait to see what else lies in the future of horror gaming, especially with Guillermo Del Toro involved with the upcoming Silent Hills.

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