I wrote a “my top movies of 2014” before I watched Snowpiercer. If I had seen it before, then I will have definitely found a spot for it on my list. I have watched it twice now (3 times if you include the commentary track), watched all the special features on the two disc blu-ray set (that can be purchased here) and I’m still interested. The plot centers on a train that carries the only survivors of a post apocalyptic ice age. The train is divided by class and a revolt begins after 17 years for change. 

Special Features menu on disc 2

The blu-ray comes with a commentary track featuring several movie critics, moderated by Scott Weinberg, discussing their opinions and themes of the movie. It’s quite enjoyable and feels like you’re listening to a podcast.

What really took my interest on this blu-ray set is “TRANSPERCENEIGE: From The Blank Page To The Black Screen,” an almost hour long documentary that follows a detailed history of the film, emphasizing plenty on the graphic novel that started it all and the artists and writers behind it. It shows the lack of success of the novel on its initial release and how pirated copies led the story to fall into the hands of director and writer Bong Joon Ho.

“The Birth of Snowpiercer” gives more of a behind the scenes look at the making of the film and is about 15 minutes in length. This is definitely a companion piece to the TRANSPERCENEIGE documentary.

Another interesting feature is “The Train Brought to Life” which promises to show a real train designed to look like the one featured in the film, but we sadly only get a glimpse. Its main focus is actually on a screening from the Alamo Drafthouse and an interview with Bong Joon Ho.

This comes highly recommended, especially as a blu-ray purchase (it’s 9.99 right now on Amazon) since it offers not only the typical HD picture and sound (the 5.1 really booms in this one if you have the right sound system), but several special features (all in HD) that most home video packages lack.

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