Alien Isolation: Insomniac Revelations

Posted: January 4, 2015 in Blogs
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Just a short observation that extends past 140 characters. I got this game for Christmas on the Playstation 4 and I haven’t been this stressed out playing a game since Amnesia: Dark Descent . Tonight, I played for at least four hours (it’s 3:40am as of this writing) and I’m still on edge as I lay in bed typing this.

What got me riled up tonight during this game session was paying a little visit to (SPOILER ALERT!!!!) an engineer ship where I got to walk around some familiar sights. While I didn’t get to have much fun in there, I still had a geek hard on as I walked around the ship and circled the remains of a doomed engineer who was preparing for take off (as only Prometheus fans would know).
I don’t like to refer to online guidance for my play-through, but Alien: Isolation makes it very hard not to as I struggle to find floor vents, run past persistent androids, and scream whenever our favorite Xenomorph decides to jump down from a ceiling vent in front of me. This is scarier than the Alien vs Predator maze I experienced at Universal Studios during their 2014 Halloween Horror Nights. Do you know what it feels like to literally walk through a ship, sliding between giant alien eggs, knowing what’s inside??

I have about four missions left, then plan on playing the DLCs that put you in Ellen Ripley’s shoes as you venture through events from the first Alien film.
Have I mentioned how much of a fan I am of the franchise???

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