Bloody Showers When I Was 4 (or 5?)

Posted: January 8, 2015 in Blogs
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I was recently tagged in a photo on Instagram and got nervous as soon as I got that push notification on my iPhone. It was from a follower I barely knew and I never step out of the house so new photos that were not selfies were rare.
I swiped to check it out and turns out it was a movie still from Insidious. This follower was tagged by somebody else to post a movie scene that really creeped him out and then tagged others to do the same. Of course instead of simply posting a random scene from the hundreds of horror movies I’ve seen, I had to spend hours thinking about it. Yes, Freddy stalking Tina in an alley from the first Nightmare on Elm Street movie terrified me and Heather finding Josh staring at the basement corner during the ending of Blair Witch Project stuck with me, but I felt they were too obvious.
Then, I remembered something from when I was probably way too young to watch. I don’t even know if I watched the whole movie or not, but I do remember that I saw it at my grandparents’ house. My grandfather always had random movies that were taped on VHS or imported from Mexico lying around and I, of course, always threw them in the VCR to satisfy my curiosity. This led to me discovering movies like Hellraiser for the first time.
All I took from it was a young man calling for, who I presumed to be, his girlfriend and ends up in the shower. Supernatural forces lock him and blood spews from the shower head, filling up the tub until we no longer see him. When the blood drains, his body is gone. This scene absolutely terrified me and I remember having a hard time getting into the shower. I also recalled a scene at the end involving a creepy guy coming out of the ground, which had split open and there was talk of evil coming from hell.
With this shower scene in mind, I went to the ever so reliable to figure out what this was from. This proved to be more of a challenge as I mainly found several gratuitous scenes of teenaged girls getting killed in showers. I began to question myself if this were some crazy dream I had or if maybe my memory was a bit buzzy and he was indeed a girl.
Eventually, I came across a movie with not so favorable reviews and some scathing message board postings. However, after reading all the postings and movie descriptions, I concluded that Cthulu Mansion was my movie.
I must have been four or five when I had seen this and couldn’t find anywhere to watch it, with the exception of purchasing a $30 VHS.
I can’t tell you if Cthulu Mansion any good or I would recommend it since I haven’t seen it since then, but I can tell you that watching a guy drown in shower, covered in blood scared the shit out of me when I was barely starting grade school.


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