While I wouldn’t consider myself a gore hound, I do love seeing buckets of blood splatter across the screen. Excessive use usually brings a comical effect to what can be seen as a more solemn genre. Movies like Evil Dead 2 and Dead Alive are examples of that dark comedy.

Excision puts everything on display without any subtlety. It opens with a vibrant title card, then the first of many bloody sequences that our lead fantasizes about. These fantasies often integrate copious amounts of blood with necrophilia, always in colors that can only be described as LOUD.

Pauline (AnnaLynne McCord) is straight from the best of John Waters (who ironically shows up as a priest who fails at giving Pauline the therapy she needs) as an aspiring surgeon alienated from both her parents and peers. She prays to a god she doesn’t believe in and hopes to find a way to help her sister with cystic fibrosis. Her fantasies lead her to seek ways to lose her virginity and explore her curiosity in the medical field. She has a morbid sense of humor, but seems unbothered by the distaste she receives from those around her.

excision blood

Excision is brought to us from first time director and writer, Richard Bates Jr. He introduces us to an interesting style that seems to be some kind of commentary on suburbia and the overlooked alienation that comes with it. Pauline’s mother is played by Traci Lords, another Waters staple, in a performance that can best be described as memorable. She really delivers here and shows off a campy, yet very strong act that I absolutely loved.

Bates recently released his second feature Suburban Gothic and am excited to see what direction his promising career goes as it’s rare to find a piece that stimulates all sorts of feelings in 80 minutes. It’s hilarious, sad, and really fucked up.

I loved it, bought it on Blu-ray, and highly recommend you check it out.

  1. Ty13 says:

    You had me at John Waters.

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