Posted: April 9, 2015 in Reviews
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Sarah Manning stumbles upon Beth Childs, who looks exactly like her who then walks in front of a train, killing herself. Stuck in a bind and seeing an opportunity, Manning takes over the woman’s life, finding herself in the middle of a larger conspiracy. Within the first three episodes, we learn that Sarah is one of many sister clones and there is someone out there trying to kill them.

Tatiana Maslany is extremely underrated as she tackles all the clone roles, each with their own distinctions, including mannerisms and accents. There’s Allison, the conservative soccer mom with an addiction to mixing alcohol and meds to both hilarious and tragic results; Beth Childs, the police detective whose life Sarah takes over; Cosima, the dreads wearing graduate student studying evolutionary development biology; Helena, the Shakira doppelganger with a huge appetite.

To say any more about these clones would give too much away as the show is filled with many twists and Maslany plays them beautifully. Her performance is largely ignored by award shows and it puzzles me as to why that is. Whether or not one likes Orphan Black, no one else on television is doing what Maslany does. While watching the show, the characters are so colorful and brought to life that the viewer forgets they are played by the same actress. Each clone has their own quirks and it’s always fun to ask someone who their favorite clone is (mine is Alison.)

Every character is unique, but Alison is so fascinating to watch. Alison shows the audience just how the scary the life of a stay at mother can be. Her silent war not just with the world around her, but the one she hides is completely visible just by looking at her eyes.  She struggles for perfection, yet scoffs at what she perceives to be an obstacle in her routine life. Anxiety ridden by any conflict that comes her way, Alison’s coping mechanisms are often questionable, but display a reaction more human than we are sometimes allowed to watch on television.

The most fun scenes are where they are all in the same room together interacting with each other. It makes one wish they were on set, finding out how they pulled it off. Also fun to watch is Maslany playing a clone mimicking another clone in disguise.

Orphan Black is not a huge show in terms of ratings, but has developed a cult following of loyal fans called the Clone Club. Hot Topic is unleashing a clothing line inspired by many of the characters distinct styles. The show is about to enter its third season, which if previous seasons are to be taken into account, no one is to be trusted and the conspiracies are only a fragment of what we are going to learn. Orphan Black is great science fiction, carried by impressive performances from Tatiana Maslany, and has the perfect blend of drama and suspense that keeps you yearning for the next episode.

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