My Top Five Favorite Revenge Movies

Posted: May 28, 2015 in Lists
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Spoilers ahead…

cannibal holocaust

Cannibal Holocaust

An American film crew disappears in the Amazon rain forest while filming a documentary on a cannibal tribe.  A rescue mission ensues and the crew’s footage is uncovered, revealing a unconventional colony perverted by Americans who stage some horrific events in order to create excitement for viewers. The natives don’t take kindly to these strangers and show the Americans what happens when you fuck with them. Cannibal Holocaust comes with a lot of baggage, but is worth watching at least once, leaving viewers with the closing line, “Who are the real cannibals?”


I Saw The Devil

Kyung-chul is one sick serial killer with a taste for beautiful women. He kills the wife of special agent Soo-hyun, leading to almost two and a half hours of a bloody cat and mouse game. Soo-hyun follows the killer as Kyung-chul leads him from one crazed psychopath to the next, introducing the audience to every kind of sicko imaginable. Through this experience, our hero meets the darkness that lies in evil human beings, making the last act so much more gratifying, yet somber at the same time.



Whether you’ve seen one of the movies or read the novel, the story of Carrie White is now a part of pop culture. Her lack of refuge in any environment causes her to finally snap at her prom after one last prank that goes too far. What makes her story more tragic is after killing off her classmates (and some staff), Carrie goes home in hopes of finding forgiveness when her religious fanatic of a mother tries to kill her. Every one suffers  and, in the end, only one is left standing, still haunted by guilt. Brian De Palma’s film is the version to watch, but one thing the 2013 remake really succeeds in is providing some social commentary on the privileged American teen: growing up without consequences and lack of authority.


Mad Max

I actually just watched this for the first time recently. With all the praise for Fury Road exploding on the internet, I gained some interest and decided to watch the original before going to the theater. I had inclination of what the story was, only that there were car chases and Mel Gibson. What resulted was my inability to take my eyes off the screen as a crazy biker gang taunts the streets, eventually killing the wrong guy’s baby and severely injuring his wife. Our hero embarks on some killer chases, giving the audience some “how did they shoot that?” moments. When it comes to action movies, I am not familiar with too many of the more recent ones. With action, I want to be in awe. I want to believe what I’m seeing is real. With advances in CGI and special effects, that feeling of awe has gone away, which is part of why Mad Max gave me such a rush.

kill bill

Kill Bill Volumes 1 & 2

I’m still waiting on a release of the complete bloody affair as one long film, but until then, both films hold a spot here. The Bride wakes up from a coma to learn her fiance and unborn baby were killed (or so she thinks) by the assassins she used to work with. She trains, both physically and spiritually, through excruciating means as she goes on a mission to kill her former boss and lover, Bill. This journey is exciting, funny, and sad all at the same time, but worth it. This is one of those rare experiences that transcends age and gender and doesn’t beg to be appreciated.

  1. jsebastian says:

    Great list, all around!

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