Netflix Doesn’t Sit On A Shelf

Posted: April 28, 2016 in Blogs
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Let me start off by saying I don’t consider myself the most knowledgable about the things I love. I love movies, but have never seem CASABLANCA. I love books, but have never read THE GREAT GATSBY. I love video games, but can’t get into ZELDA. With that being said, I do consider myself a collector. 

When I was a kid, I would buy VHS tapes everywhere I went, from Blockbuster to grocery stores when they carried movies. Some of these instances were my first experiences with blind buys. I first watched THE CRUSH with Alicia Silverstone as an obsessive psychopath by buying the VHS from OMNI for 8.99. I remember the price because it made it easy to convince my mother to pay for it along with the groceries. Now I buy special edition blu-rays from companies like Scream Factory and Grindhouse Releasing, seduced by collectable packaging and threats of limited quantities.

I ordered the more expensive limited edition of NIGHTBREED before ever watching the movie. I’m glad I did as I ended up watching both included editions in the same night. I eventually read the novel it was based on. It stands now as one of my favorite horror movies. What makes this purchase more precious to me is that this limited edition appears to be out of print and is going for around $100 on eBay at the time of this post.

Another blind buy was the PIECES blu-ray set from Grindhouse Releasing. It came with a puzzle of a nude woman, which I was unaware of the relation to the film except that fanboys were losing their shit online via forums and youtube videos that this limited edition puzzle didn’t come with their set. I eventually watched the movie which was an unexpected riot and now that puzzle joins my small, but sentimental collection of movie related merchandise. I’ve seen people selling the puzzle (without the movie itself) for around $100 online and, while insane to some, I understand.

I’m a huge fan of comic book writer Scott Snyder and have bought multiple editions of his WYTCHES series, even if the only difference is a hardcover from overseas. That series gives a rise not many comics provide and enjoy revisiting with every copy I purchase. Whether it’s individual issues or collected volumes, exploring the artwork and words of this unforgettable story feels like a fresh experience each time.

Going digital is something many have gone to in the last few years and I understand. It takes up less room and, when it comes to movies and shows, Netflix is a very cheap alternative. In the very rare occasion I find myself at the gym, I’ll bring my iPad with me and place it on the treadmill and read while running. Some movies don’t get a physical release for an extended period of time and Netflix will have it available to stream so I can catch it there.

These services, however, do not provide the same excitement that comes with going into a store and picking out a book or movie just because it stands out. That experience is even more rare now that many stores have limited their stock as physical sales have plummeted. I typically have to resort to Amazon or other online retailers to find what I want. With special edition releases, these blu-rays often come with extra features and materials that enhance the film experience. I’m a sucker for retrospective documentaries and slip covers (without hideous sticker residue that Best Buy loves so much).

I love to show off my movie collection even if it doesn’t compare to the biggest movie buffs. I was really excited when it was announced a complete X-FILES series blu-ray set was coming out. One remark I got was “you know it’s streaming on Netflix, right?”

Yes, I know it’s on Netflix, but I can’t hold Netflix in my hands. I can’t go to a convention and have Felissa Rose sign my copy of Netflix. Netflix doesn’t look nice on a shelf.

Don’t get me wrong: I love Netflix. I am obsessed with SENSE8 and DAREDEVIL and discover movies like TANGERINE through their service. However, as soon as TANGERINE’s credits rolled, I placed my order for the blu-ray edition.

I love collecting all the things I love, providing the ability to share them with those close to me. Now that it’s become largely a collector’s market, my collection looks more unique that it did ten years ago. I love that I was able to have Robert Englund autograph my NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET blu-ray set or have Augusten Burroughs sign my copy of RUNNING WITH SCISSORS. They are special to me and relish that when I click SAVE on this post, I can pop in a disc, kick back, and watch a little seen 80s slasher in glorious HD.

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