I Found. Harvest Lake

Posted: May 5, 2016 in Blogs
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harvest lake

Harvest Lake

Growing up, my parents were not fans of horror movies. My mom found most of them inappropriate for me and my dad was religious and preferred nothing about demonic possession go in the house. Luckily, I come from a very young family and my dad had sisters who were teenagers at the time and they loved horror. They introduced me to movies like WARLOCK and NIGHT OF THE DEMONS, resulting in several runs to the video store to explore my options. This interest of mine also lead to late nights of secret viewings in my room when my mom was working overnights. My grandfather use to bring bootleg VHS tapes from Mexico and one of them was the original HELLRAISER that came with a video introduction of a witch warning me of what was to come. 

Marty, the fifth grader in FOUND, has the same curiosities which leads to him discovering a severed head in his brother’s closet. FOUND is directed by Scott Schirmer, based on the novel of the same name by Todd Rigney who helped co-write the script. The novel is a quick read, but stays with you long after. It feels very much like the alternate coming of age story horror fans didn’t realize they wanted, exploring a young man finding his voice and acknowledging the truth about the world around him. His father is a racist and his views might have been passed down to Marty’s older brother whose victims are all black women. Finding out his brother’s secret has an effect on Marty as watching graphic horror movies no longer has the same entertainment factor it once had. The movie sticks closely to the novel, almost page by page, but it’s fascinating to watch what has made it to the screen from its blood soaked origins.



Schirmer recently has been traveling film festivals promoting his latest film, HARVEST LAKE, a cabin in the woods based tale of sexual discovery. A group of young adults celebrate their friend’s birthday out on the lake, not realizing their sudden desires are the possible result of mysterious presence in the woods. HARVEST LAKE differs in that it finds arousal from the most absurd of imagery. One example would be when two hot gay guys are going at it inside of a tent while a three-way ensues in the cabin, but a slimy tentacle is crawling up one of our guy’s bare chest at the same time. Plants sprout resembling sex organs, spilling out familiar liquids and our characters find it hard to resist a taste.

Like Marty in FOUND, the characters in HARVEST LAKE have their curiosities to explore. Their decisions might have consequences, both good and bad, but ultimately lead to a form of self discovery. Both of Schirmer’s films explore what some might deem perversions, but I’m a perverted guy with many curiosities and these two films help satisfy my cravings for the time being.

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