Posted: October 24, 2016 in Reviews
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Whether you’re a fan of Guillermo Del Toro or not, one can’t ignore the fact that the man loves a presentation. From his poetically educated monsters to grand set designs, Del Toro manages to always create an experience that colors outside the lines. His admiration of fairy tales and mythology shines on every medium he chooses to explore and that certainly reflects on the latest collection from the Criterion Collection. TRILOGIA DE GUILLERMO DEL TORO brings together three of significant pictures from the director’s impressive filmography, including one newly remastered.


Presented in a literal box set (this isn’t just a generic slipcover), you have to remove the top lid revealing three fairies on a gold template. Flipping that open reveals another set of artwork that might be from one of the three films within, depending on how you piece it back together. The three films in question are CRONOS, THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE, and PAN’S LABYRINTH. Each disc sits inside an orange pocket with a brief synopsis and list of special features pertaining to that film. The orange tabs form the legs of a cross of which a square hardcover book sits in the center of it all. The book features an all new introduction from Neil Gaiman exploring his reflections on his first time encounters with these films. Included are the essays on each film, including those fans will recognize from the previous Criterion releases. The presentation here makes them look like an ancient relic fans will cherish as part of their collection, trying hard for it to not lose that new book smell.

For those unfamiliar with his work, this makes a great start to discover the kind of work that helped develop a reputation beloved by so many. After all, how many directors are allowed a Hollywood budget to create an incestual gothic romance set in a haunted house these days? CRONOS, Del Toro’s feature debut, introduces the world to the story of an antique dealer who develops a vampire-like disease and his relationship with his granddaughter who watches the transformation from a childlike standpoint. There’s THE DEVIL’S BACKBONE where a boy is sent to an isolated orphanage during the Spanish Civil War where secrets and spirits hide within the walls, waiting to be discovered by those willing to listen. One of his most popular offerings is PAN’S LABYRINTH, a young girl gets lost in a fantasy world that mirrors the horrors of her realities as death is a way of life, but her worth is something much bigger than anyone will ever understand.


Supplemented by many special features, fans can delve into the films and learn more about the creative process as historical fiction is blended with creatures one would normally find in books you’ve read as a kid. Sometimes they’re uplifting, others are nightmare inducing. Regardless, this is an essential collection for those seeking a gorgeous piece of film on their blu-ray shelf.

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