Last Night

Posted: March 4, 2017 in Blogs

My routine when I get home from work rarely shifts. I empty my pockets of my wallet and keys and head upstairs to change into something more comfortable, usually sweats or gym shorts. If I still have my iPhone on me, then I place it on top of my dresser while I change and take it back downstairs with me.

Last night, I got take out for dinner and sat down to eat in the living room. I noticed while eating that I didn’t have my phone with me, but decided I would get it later. I rarely get calls and any texts would also come through my Apple Watch. After eating, I ended up watching a movie as well. The movie was done a couple hours later and I headed upstairs to grab my phone. It wasn’t on the dresser where I normally place it so I assumed I must have to put it somewhere downstairs. I went back down there and didn’t find it anywhere. I headed back up and used the button on my watch that pings my phone so it makes a sound for me to find it. I heard it faintly and had to press the button multiple times. The sound was coming from my walk in closet for which the door was shut.

Maybe I left my phone in my hoodie pocket as my hoodies hang to the left. It’s because of this I was surprised to open my closet door and hear the pinging coming from the right side. I buy lots of books, with multiple editions of the same one, and my closet is full of stacks of them. My phone was sitting on top of one of these stacks. I have no idea why it would be there and how it got there.

I had this overwhelming sense of dread as this is the same closet where my ouija board sits. This is also the same closet where one night I heard whistling coming from the ceiling vent when I was home alone one night.

I do not plan on leaving my phone upstairs when I’m not there as well from now on.

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