OK, so I wasn’t someone who was greatly anticipating when the firstĀ KINGSMAN movie was getting released. The marketing materials made me think of a younger James Bond, which is cool but not cool enough for me shell out money to buy a ticket. I remember it making a shit ton of money and people raving about it, but still.

My ex brought home the blu-ray and was surprised by how much I loved it. Crazy stunts, bloody special effects, and a energetic pacing that’s missing from a lot of action movies. It was unapologetic in its lack of morale and introduced me to the underrated Taron Egerton who isn’t too bad on the eyes. He had the leading man charm who embraced his sexuality in bold R-rated fashion, making him a more relatable action star than most.

I picked up my own copy recently with the release of the 4K edition which well worth the price. Gorgeous packaging and little collectables made this is a must own in my collection. I’ve been hearing not so great things about the sequel, but am still checking it out tonight. My tastes aren’t always comparable with others, which makes the reviews even more intriguing.

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