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OK, so I wasn’t someone who was greatly anticipating when the first KINGSMAN movie was getting released. The marketing materials made me think of a younger James Bond, which is cool but not cool enough for me shell out money to buy a ticket. I remember it making a shit ton of money and people raving about it, but still. (more…)

Last Night

Posted: March 4, 2017 in Blogs

My routine when I get home from work rarely shifts. I empty my pockets of my wallet and keys and head upstairs to change into something more comfortable, usually sweats or gym shorts. If I still have my iPhone on me, then I place it on top of my dresser while I change and take it back downstairs with me. (more…)

harvest lake

Harvest Lake

Growing up, my parents were not fans of horror movies. My mom found most of them inappropriate for me and my dad was religious and preferred nothing about demonic possession go in the house. Luckily, I come from a very young family and my dad had sisters who were teenagers at the time and they loved horror. They introduced me to movies like WARLOCK and NIGHT OF THE DEMONS, resulting in several runs to the video store to explore my options. This interest of mine also lead to late nights of secret viewings in my room when my mom was working overnights. My grandfather use to bring bootleg VHS tapes from Mexico and one of them was the original HELLRAISER that came with a video introduction of a witch warning me of what was to come.  (more…)

Let me start off by saying I don’t consider myself the most knowledgable about the things I love. I love movies, but have never seem CASABLANCA. I love books, but have never read THE GREAT GATSBY. I love video games, but can’t get into ZELDA. With that being said, I do consider myself a collector.  (more…)

one hour photo

“No one ever takes a photograph of something they want to forget.”

The irony in that statement by Sy, The Photo Guy, leaves a sinister tone and much to think about, especially after watching One Hour Photo. Robin Williams brings to life a bland, yet an emotionally desperate man who works at a photo lab for a Costco like chain. Sy is soft spoken, gentle and has hair so blondish white, it’s practically invisible. He lays out all kinds of customers one gets in a lab like this, but develops a liking to the Yorkin family, a regular customer. (more…)

How To Get Away With Murder

How To Get Away With Murder

I want to start off by saying I’m not a television expert. I never wrote a thesis on the queer television. I never studied any kind of marketing research of how certain characters appeal more than others to the target demographic for networks. I am, however, someone who watches a lot of television and have taken notice lately of certain things in some of my favorite shows. These are merely observations I’ve come across in the last few weeks and wanted to share. (more…)