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I enjoy Christmas just as much as the next person. Santa hits up the mall and it’s always fun to see how many children are terrified to sit on his lap. Mariah Carey gets to experience a comeback every year around this time and someone always releases a terrible holiday album to cash in on the season.


It’s halfway through October and Halloween is inching closer by the day, but that still leaves plenty of nights filled with haunted house attractions and horror movies. For some people, like me, horror is something present on the TV year round, but for others, this month is reserved for some old school scares.


100 Movies, 100 Days

Posted: August 27, 2014 in Lists

Starting on June 7th, due to worrisome weight gain, I decided to stay inside and utilize my summer to watch 100 movies that I’ve never seen. I ended up finishing in 82 days. These included franchises, theatrical releases, and video on demand features. A lot of these were movies I’ve been meaning to watch, ones that get you the “you haven’t seen that movie??!!” reaction.  (more…)