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Whether you’re a fan of Guillermo Del Toro or not, one can’t ignore the fact that the man loves a presentation. From his poetically educated monsters to grand set designs, Del Toro manages to always create an experience that colors outside the lines. His admiration of fairy tales and mythology shines on every medium he chooses to explore and that certainly reflects on the latest collection from the Criterion Collection. TRILOGIA DE GUILLERMO DEL TORO brings together three of significant pictures from the director’s impressive filmography, including one newly remastered. (more…)

Let me start off by saying I don’t consider myself the most knowledgable about the things I love. I love movies, but have never seem CASABLANCA. I love books, but have never read THE GREAT GATSBY. I love video games, but can’t get into ZELDA. With that being said, I do consider myself a collector.  (more…)

Dark City

Dark City

Back in February of 1998, my dad dropped me off at a movie theater and said he would pick me up in two hours. I had first heard of Dark City on a TV show on E! that introduced movie trailers for a half hour block. I thought it looked strange, with not much light and I don’t recall any dialogue in the trailer. I loved the trailer so much, I checked the TV guide magazine we got in the mail every month to see when the show was re-airing so I could record the trailer onto a VHS (this was way before the days of Youtube). (more…)

Amy from "Gone Girl," gazing lovingly at her husband. Right?

Amy from “Gone Girl,” gazing lovingly at her husband. Right?

I want to be upfront and mention that the following piece will contain spoilers from both the book and film versions of Gone Girl and the HBO series Six Feet Under. If you haven’t seen either (especially Gone Girl), then stop reading now. (more…)

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I was 19 when I first saw Mysterious Skin. I saw the cover of the DVD at the video store and all I knew was that it dealt with two boys who share a traumatic past that lead them into two completely different paths and that it starred Joseph Gordon-Levitt. (more…)

horns the guest

Two of my favorite movies of 2014 came out on blu-ray today and I couldn’t be happier. Neither film received a wide theatrical release and, unless you’re aggressively reading movie blogs, you probably haven’t heard of either film. (more…)