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harvest lake

Harvest Lake

Growing up, my parents were not fans of horror movies. My mom found most of them inappropriate for me and my dad was religious and preferred nothing about demonic possession go in the house. Luckily, I come from a very young family and my dad had sisters who were teenagers at the time and they loved horror. They introduced me to movies like WARLOCK and NIGHT OF THE DEMONS, resulting in several runs to the video store to explore my options. This interest of mine also lead to late nights of secret viewings in my room when my mom was working overnights. My grandfather use to bring bootleg VHS tapes from Mexico and one of them was the original HELLRAISER that came with a video introduction of a witch warning me of what was to come.  (more…)

the innocents

Every once in awhile when I’m drawing a blank as to what old movie to watch that I have never seen before, I like to google lists. I always see lists posted on social media sites like “Movies You Must Watch Before You Die” or “Movies You’ve Never Seen.” I like to google “Scariest Movies Ever Made” or things like “Horror Movies You Need to See.” One movie that constantly came up was The Innocents, a black and white British film from 1961 that more young people need to see. (more…)

one hour photo

“No one ever takes a photograph of something they want to forget.”

The irony in that statement by Sy, The Photo Guy, leaves a sinister tone and much to think about, especially after watching One Hour Photo. Robin Williams brings to life a bland, yet an emotionally desperate man who works at a photo lab for a Costco like chain. Sy is soft spoken, gentle and has hair so blondish white, it’s practically invisible. He lays out all kinds of customers one gets in a lab like this, but develops a liking to the Yorkin family, a regular customer. (more…)

I was recently tagged in a photo on Instagram and got nervous as soon as I got that push notification on my iPhone. It was from a follower I barely knew and I never step out of the house so new photos that were not selfies were rare. (more…)

When it comes to discussion of horror movies, many forms of subgenres come to mind. From slasher flicks to possession horror, the list of subgenres tends to go on and on. Although it might not be a subgenre as it one would probably classify this as supernatural horror, movies whose plots heavily involve mirrors tend to scare me more easily than others. (WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD)  (more…)

I enjoy Christmas just as much as the next person. Santa hits up the mall and it’s always fun to see how many children are terrified to sit on his lap. Mariah Carey gets to experience a comeback every year around this time and someone always releases a terrible holiday album to cash in on the season.