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While I wouldn’t consider myself a gore hound, I do love seeing buckets of blood splatter across the screen. Excessive use usually brings a comical effect to what can be seen as a more solemn genre. Movies like Evil Dead 2 and Dead Alive are examples of that dark comedy. (more…)

It’s halfway through October and Halloween is inching closer by the day, but that still leaves plenty of nights filled with haunted house attractions and horror movies. For some people, like me, horror is something present on the TV year round, but for others, this month is reserved for some old school scares.



I’ve heard many pop culture references to this movie, with its attention grabbing poster and title and based on true story motif. I recently watched a documentary that uncovers the truths about popular horror myths, such as if there really was anyone who ever put anything dangerous inside children’s candy on Halloween. One of the topics dropped “The Town That Dreaded Sundown” and how the film is based on a series of murders in the 1940s and how accurate is the film itself.  (more…)


Growing up, one of my favorite things about the weekends was going to a video store on a Friday night and browsing through the horror section. Often, most movies I would choose were based on cheesy artwork and straight forward titles like “Night of the Demons” or “Evil Dead.” They were always hit or miss, but there would always be a hidden gem that would either scare me or become one of my favorite movies for different reasons. (more…)