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griff the invisible

When the first X-Men movie came out in 2000, there was a lot relying on its success. Comic book based films were a thing fan boys dreamed of and the genre was something mainstream audiences weren’t too familiar with. The film ended up being a commercial and critical success, grossing almost $300 million. Not only did it launch the career of Hugh Jackman, but led to the birth of huge film franchises stemming from comic books. (more…)


Salma Hayek kills everyone is sight in “Everly”

In 2007, a direct to DVD sequel to Wrong Turn was commissioned and given to first time director Joe Lynch. Although the first film was only a mild success theatrically, home video sales were impressive and it was clear the film had developed a following. The sequel follows more of the mayhem involving the inbred cannibals in the woods from the first, but carries a different tone. Whereas the first went for the straight horror and jump scares, Lynch’s film is aware of who the audience is and wants and provides a more fun hour and a half filled with memorable death scenes and a strange cast. (more…)

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I was 19 when I first saw Mysterious Skin. I saw the cover of the DVD at the video store and all I knew was that it dealt with two boys who share a traumatic past that lead them into two completely different paths and that it starred Joseph Gordon-Levitt. (more…)


I wrote a “my top movies of 2014” before I watched Snowpiercer. If I had seen it before, then I will have definitely found a spot for it on my list. I have watched it twice now (3 times if you include the commentary track), watched all the special features on the two disc blu-ray set (that can be purchased here) and I’m still interested. The plot centers on a train that carries the only survivors of a post apocalyptic ice age. The train is divided by class and a revolt begins after 17 years for change.  (more…)


I’ve heard many pop culture references to this movie, with its attention grabbing poster and title and based on true story motif. I recently watched a documentary that uncovers the truths about popular horror myths, such as if there really was anyone who ever put anything dangerous inside children’s candy on Halloween. One of the topics dropped “The Town That Dreaded Sundown” and how the film is based on a series of murders in the 1940s and how accurate is the film itself.  (more…)