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Let me start off by saying I don’t consider myself the most knowledgable about the things I love. I love movies, but have never seem CASABLANCA. I love books, but have never read THE GREAT GATSBY. I love video games, but can’t get into ZELDA. With that being said, I do consider myself a collector.  (more…)


Growing up, I wasn’t too familiar with comics. I had read some X-Men comics here and there and was ecstatic whenever I got my hands on a copy of Tales from the Crypt. The medium struck my interest, but there were few resources to pursue it. When movies like Sam Raimi’s Spiderman and the first X-Men were initially released, the media treated them as a comic book movie trend: money making franchises that maybe have a few good movies in them. Several years later, The Avengers is one of the highest grossing films of all time, Spiderman is about to endure his third reboot, and X-Men is still going strong with both critics and fans. (more…)

Jamie Dornan as Paul Spector

Jamie Dornan as Paul Spector

The Fall is a BBC drama series created by Allan Cubitt that follows a police officer investigating a series of connected murders in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The story is simple and so is the presentation, yet it feels like so much more. (more…)