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southland tales

“There’d be a lot less violence in the world if everyone just did a little more cardio.”

In 2001, Richard Kelly released his debut feature Donnie Darko, featuring early performances from Jake and Maggie Gyllenhaal (as brother and sister of course). Co-financed by Drew Barrymore’s Flower Films company, Donnie Darko didn’t receive much recognition upon its initial release. Over the years the film gained a cult following, eventually leading to an extended director’s cut that had a limited theatrical release. That following led Kelly the opportunity to create Southland Tales, a project that requires three comic books and a two and a half hour movie to tell its story.



Sarah Manning stumbles upon Beth Childs, who looks exactly like her who then walks in front of a train, killing herself. Stuck in a bind and seeing an opportunity, Manning takes over the woman’s life, finding herself in the middle of a larger conspiracy. Within the first three episodes, we learn that Sarah is one of many sister clones and there is someone out there trying to kill them. (more…)

Dark City

Dark City

Back in February of 1998, my dad dropped me off at a movie theater and said he would pick me up in two hours. I had first heard of Dark City on a TV show on E! that introduced movie trailers for a half hour block. I thought it looked strange, with not much light and I don’t recall any dialogue in the trailer. I loved the trailer so much, I checked the TV guide magazine we got in the mail every month to see when the show was re-airing so I could record the trailer onto a VHS (this was way before the days of Youtube). (more…)


I wrote a “my top movies of 2014” before I watched Snowpiercer. If I had seen it before, then I will have definitely found a spot for it on my list. I have watched it twice now (3 times if you include the commentary track), watched all the special features on the two disc blu-ray set (that can be purchased here) and I’m still interested. The plot centers on a train that carries the only survivors of a post apocalyptic ice age. The train is divided by class and a revolt begins after 17 years for change.  (more…)